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Cloud 9 Assist develop custom database applications accessed online.  The applications we develop reside on highly reliable, secure and redundant servers located in a modern data centre.  This means your business can concentrate on what’s important and you can leave the management of the service to us.  We have developed applications ranging from CRM, Project Management, Helpdesk, Expense Forms and much more.

The premise behind Cloud 9 Assist is to deliver simple, intuitive, database applications that are designed around your business’s individual requirements.
We are a focussed, friendly company that prides itself on the support we deliver to our customers.  Tell us what you want to achieve and we will work with you to develop a solution that is right for your business.
No up front capital expenditure with a simple, per user, per month pricing model.  You can scale up or scale down your requirements at any time with a month by month contract.  We automate your business processes so your teams can focus on what matters.
Fully Managed Service

We make sure the lights are on and the plants are watered.

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Platform availability has been measured since 2009.
Managing data with spreadsheets?

There is a better way



Below are listed some of the key benefits that Cloud 9 Assist affords  As important as the benefits, is the company that has been entrusted to develop your solution.  At Cloud 9 Assist we understand this.  We offer a consultative element to all the solutions we develop to ensure we deliver an application that is tailor made for your business.

Custom Database Applications

We offer a number of templates that can be adapted to suit your needs or you can start with a blank canvas. Are you looking to rationalise existing systems or perhaps you are still using spreadsheets to track and manage information.


Dynamic Custom Forms

We generate data entry forms that mirror the workflow your users employ to minimise unnecessary time navigating screens. The dynamic nature of our forms mean that they adapt based on user input.


Custom Data Fields

You choose the exact type of information that you would like to see represented and we will develop a solution based on this. No more complying with the standard fit of most applications.



We have the ability to trigger automated email notifications, document generation, record updates, report generation and much more based on a powerful workflow engine. This results in significantly less manual intervention from the user, which in turn reduces the margin of error, providing efficiency savings.

Role based access

Access is configurable at a user and role level, allowing for sensitive information to be shared between only those users that have the relevant access privileges.

Reports and Dashboards

Drawing business intelligence from your data is one of the biggest benefits that Cloud 9 Assist affords. We will work with you to determine the reports that are critical to your business and the dashboards that will provide constant insight into your operational performance.

Records Managed

What our Customers say

SICA Support are an Individual Support and Direct Payments Broker and have been working with Cloud 9 Assist since 2016. The service and support we receive is second to none.

As a company we were really struggling to keep our records up to date and relevant but since implementing the Database we have moved to another level and this is already paying dividends not only with time saved but also gives us real time information that is accurate and relevant.

We are excited and eager to implement the next stage which will be a full timesheet system, again this will save us a huge amount of time and will give us an edge over our competitors.

I couldn’t recommend Cloud 9 Assist enough.

Simon Close

Finance Director, SICA Support Limited

When we started our company we needed a highly customisable and detailed online CRM system to record, store and manage our customer information. It had to be flexible and allow room for growth and development as our business needs changed.

Working with Cloud 9 Assist is fantastic, as it allows us to develop and enhance our ideas and bring together an easy to use and flexible CRM system that is truly tailored to our needs. The team are quick to respond to any queries and always on hand to let us know about any new features or integrations that may be available.

I would highly recommend Cloud 9 Assist.

Mark Vincent-Piper

Director, Access2Learn

When I became the Operations Manager for the Control Centre we were using out of date systems with many folders and bits of paper that often got lost. I found Cloud 9 Assist, and from start to finish they have been very supportive: allowing us to create, edit, delete then start all over again for us to get the system that was right for us. Even now we make small changes, and Scott has been constantly on hand to help us achieve the database that meets our requirements.

I would highly recommend Cloud 9 Assist.

Sean Smith

Operations Manager, Medway Commercial Group Limited

We needed a company who would take the time to understand our business and sales process. We worked together on the project for many weeks tweaking and refining our needs. Cloud 9 Assist actually come to the table with ideas that were better than ours, helping us to get the best out of our new CRM.

The result was a simplified solution that solved our business problems. This was all backed up with outstanding customer support that was timely and effective.

We now have a CRM solution that is tailored for our business.

Chris Hampson

Managing Director, Intelligent Business Sales

We have found Cloud 9 Assist to be very effective for our business. The system is simple and easy to use and the support we receive is second to none. I would recommend Cloud 9 Assist to any business searching for a CRM; the system enables all of our employees to access the same information and update accordingly which is highly beneficial working in the sales industry.
Lisa Warrener

Director, CreateTVT

Very soon after setting up our will writing business, it became clear to myself and my partner that we would need some kind of database to ‘manage’ our workload. I took on the task of trying to find something suitable but could find nothing that quite fit the bill. I then came across Cloud 9 and emailed Scott advising him of what sort of thing we were looking for. Scott just ‘got it’ straight away and we have never looked back. Our database remains the ‘hub’ of our business and I could not imagine being without it! Along the way, as is always the case with an evolving business, we have needed to make changes and additions to the database and Scott has always made these changes promptly and exactly as required. He has also offered his own input/ideas along the way as to how the database could work more efficiently. I would highly recommend Cloud 9 (and Scott in particular!) to any company that is looking to implement a database which will ensure they are able to run their business more effectively. Thank you for all your help Scott!
Rachel Harding

Partner, Heritage Estate Planning LLP

We have been working with Cloud 9 Assist for 2 years and would highly recommend their cloud based CRM system. They are a joy to deal with – incredibly responsive to system queries and quick to act and implement any system changes we require.

When we acknowledged using multiple excel sheets was becoming inefficient and incredibly time consuming we spent months looking for a suitable CRM claims management system for our Accident Management Company, speaking to at least a dozen providers. Many of the companies we approached, some much more established than Cloud 9 Assist offered a far too general “1 system for all” solution which included many features we would never use which meant an overcomplicated interface and CRM which usually came with a hefty price tag.

Some of the simpler desktop and cloud based applications came without the necessary support or tailoring for our business. We wanted a system tailored to our specific requirements which allows us to easily capture client/claim details and efficiently and effortlessly log a claim’s lifecycle. It was refreshing to explain to Cloud 9 Assist what we wanted the system to do and how it should work and flow to suit our business model and for our exact wishes to be implemented. As our business has evolved Cloud 9 Assist have incorporated system changes in line with our new requirements with ease and without disruption to our operation. They can give you as little or as much in the way of functionality as you need.

To anyone who is currently searching for a new CRM system I would urge you to give them a try.

Tom Carroll

Director, CC Response

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