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Who we are and what we believe in

Solutions Simplified

Keep it simple. Building complexity into a solution is easy which is why we prefer simplified.

Forward Thinking

Secure Cloud based service, accessible from anywhere.  No support fees, no upgrade fees, just a simple monthly fee.

Problem Solvers

We love a challenge.  If you are contemplating a database solution or have a question, call us!

Customer Support

The monthly charge incorporates full support and access to our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Our Story


Cloud 9 Assist was formed from a belief that you don’t have to accept words such as “standard, generic or off the shelf” when it comes to business applications.

The story begins in a past life where working in a successful Business that thrived on its individuality and character we wanted to ensure our systems mirrored and augmented this ethos.  When it was time to upgrade our Service Management software we did what most Businesses would do in these circumstances, we created a requirements list.  What transpired was an exercise in trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.  Disillusioned with the whole process we decided to create our own solution which we broke down into modules to ease the process.  Over time the project grew and grew and gradually absorbed most of the back office systems.  Today the same business application underpins most operational aspects of the business, supporting 100 users and 500+ customers.  As part of this exercise we moved from silos of information with all their associated pitfalls (duplication, poor efficiency, no synchronicity, etc.) to an application which we could call our own.

The real power and beauty of the application lies in the dynamic nature in which changes can be made on the platform.  New additions can be created quickly, the layout of forms changed with minimal fuss, new workflow added with no disruption and much more.  Does your generic solution provider deliver on this front?

We thrive on listening to your requirements and developing applications that empower your business.

Cloud 9 Assist